What are Live Video Calls? How does it work?

Live Video Call is a favored feature on Purple Ocean! You can now have live video chats with advisors on iOS and Android devices. 

Here's how it works: 

Advisors who are available for live calls have a blue camera icon over their profile pictures. Advisors set their own per-minute price, and you will select the duration of the chat. Once you click on an available advisor's profile picture, you will see a blue bar that says "Available for video calls" and a "Start" button. Once you click on "Start," you will be taken to a page to select your call duration and price. The app will inform you of the minimum credit balance required to start your live video chat. Once you click on "Start Video Call" and your advisor will immediately be notified and your chat will start!

If you run out of time, no worries! You can still add more time and purchase more credits and continue with your chat! And if you're done before the time is up, simply hang up. You will only be charged for the minutes you chat, so if you select 10 minutes and only chat for 7, you will be charged for 7 minutes based on the advisor's price.

Credits can be obtained through in-app purchases through iTunes as usual. Credits can also be purchased on our website, purpleocean.co, for better deals.

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