I have a new rush order that wasn't there before. Can clients upgrade their 24 hour orders to rush orders?

In an effort to serve clients who would prefer to order in Rush Mode, and to serve advisors who would prefer to be paid a Rush Premium for orders, we have added the ability for clients to upgrade an already submitted standard order to rush-mode order.

This means that a client who has submitted a 24 hour order with you will be given the chance to pay a Rush Premium to upgrade the order to Rush Mode, when you become available for Rush Mode orders.

When you make yourself available on Rush Mode, you will see a notification showing you how many orders in your queue are able to be upgraded:

Simultaneously, the client will be shown a notification asking them if they wish to upgrade their order with you to Rush Mode, since you are now available for Rush Mode orders:

The client is then free to upgrade their 24 hour order to a Rush Mode order, and YOU earn more money for this.

Of course, some clients will choose not to, but others will find this to be a very worthwhile expenditure. We anticipate this feature to be very popular!

But what else does this mean to you, the advisor (besides increased sales, revenues and happier clients)?

  1. It does mean that you should be very mindful about how you use Rush Mode. Understand that you should give clients a little time to upgrade before you start filling those 24 hour orders, when you do turn it on. If you do happen to open an order to fill it, and the client is in the process of upgrading it, we will show you a warning so you can give them a little time (and make some extra cash in the process!!!):

2. Missed deadlines are handled in the same manner as always. If you miss a deadline, a client can cancel their order, and the same suspensions occur.

3. Your Rush queue limits will be the same. We still set your Rush Mode queue at 5 max rush orders at a time. If you should get an upgrade that will make your Rush Mode queue fuller than that, it will not be permitted to go through, and the client will be notified that you are unavailable to take their Rush Mode order.

4. Don’t be pressured by clients to provide 24 hour orders as they are Rush Mode orders. We often see client pressure advisors in messaging to deliver 24 hour orders quickly. Now, with the new Rush Mode upgrade, there isn’t a reason to give in to that. You can set your Rush Mode, and instruct a client to pay the Rush Mode premium if they want an hour delivery.

Does this explain to you what's going on?

Have a great day, and thanks for using Purple Ocean!

Community Manager

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