I'm trying to order, but my credits won't add to my account?

If for some reason you are having trouble placing orders through in-app purchases, please let us know. In addition, you can order credits directly on our website www.purpleocean.co at a great price:
  • $9.00 for 10 credits (10% savings)
  • $35.00 for 40 credits (12.5% savings)
  • $80.00 for 100 credits (20% savings)

The process is easy:
  • Go to www.purpleocean.co and  click on "Buy Credit".
  • Login with your Purple Ocean username and password.
  • Enter your credit card information.
  • Click the "Pay" button.
The credit purchased is immediately added to your Purple Ocean account. It's simple, safe and secure...and saves you money.  

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