I think I was billed, but I don't see my credits?

If you made any purchases that you feel you didn't receive credit for in your Purple Ocean account, please check your iTunes purchase history to see if you truly have been charged for the credits you suspect are missing.

You can find your purchase history with iTunes by following these instructions: 

If you don't see any charges there for credits that you didn't receive, then you weren't charged. If for some reason you do see a charge for credits you didn't receive, please take a screenshot of the purchases and send it in to us, so we can investigate further.

And in case you didn't know, you can make all of your purchases of Purple Ocean credits on our website, www.purpleocean.co at up to 20% off the regular pricing:

$9.00 for 10 credits (10% savings)
$35.00 for 40 credits (12.5% savings)
$80.00 for 100 credits (20% savings)

The process is easy:
  • Go to www.purpleocean.co and  click on "Buy Credit".
  • Login with your Purple Ocean username and password.
  • Enter your credit card information.
  • Click the "Pay" button.

The credit purchased is immediately added to your Purple Ocean account. It's simple, safe and secure...and saves you money.

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