How do I know when an advisor is online?

You can tell an advisor is online by looking for the green dot after their star rating. If an advisor is offline, the dot will be gray.

Also, when you tap on an advisor's picture, you will be able to place an order with them if they are available, the "order $10 option" will be available to you. If an advisor is unavailable, the "order $10" button will be gray, and there will be text indicating that the advisor is offline.

If you want a rush reading within 1 hour, only the advisors who's photo displays a green banner denoting rush delivery can provide this service. Otherwise, readings are delivered within 24 hours of being placed. If an order goes over 24 hours without being filled by the advisor, you have an option to cancel the order and your credits are immediately placed back in your account.

  You can set notifications so that you will be alerted when a certain advisor is online. This is how to do so:
  1. Tap on the picture of the advisor you wish to be alerted to.
  2. Tap on the icon of the bell in the upper right hand corner of their profile
  3. Select which options you would like to receive a notification for.
  4. Then tap "done" in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

You will then be send a push notification according to the selections you've made to be alerted when an advisor is online.     

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