My application for an advisor account was rejected. Why? What can I do?

We know it doesn't feel good to have your application rejected, but please understand that we are looking for specific things when we view profiles and test readings. Not everyone fits into every place, and not everyone will make a great Purple Ocean advisor. Please know that the people viewing your application and making these decisions know the platform and the clientele and are experts on knowing what the platform needs and what works best for Purple Ocean. There is never anything personal about this. We can only have so many advisors according to how many clients and customers we have.

What you can do is follow the directions that you have been given by Support, if there are any. If there are no directions given with the rejection, then that is it. However, you can always try again in a few months.  Contact us 3 months from now, and we will review your application again, let you know what needs to be changed and you can reapply with the same account.

There are never any guarantees that your application will be approved, at any time.

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