What do I get for my money? What do I get for $10?

What you get for your $10 is a reading that, if done on the phone or via chat, would easily cost the same or more due to per-minute rates. Phone lines have intentionally-dragged-out greetings and dial menus which one has to go through before speaking to an advisor, and you wouldn't have the reading to save and replay later. There are also psychic chat lines and instant messaging platforms which are done in real time, but their downside is that they are less efficient with the back and forth messaging than video readings on Purple Ocean, in terms of the sheer amount of information that can be conveyed in a short amount of time. Per minute rates for psychics are expensive.

The uninterrupted video enables our advisors to say a whole lot in just 2 to 3 minutes. For instance, if one was to transcribe the text from a Purple Ocean video reading, there would be a lot more there than in a phone reading or chat-type reading offers.

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