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  1. A client won't stop messaging me. What do I do?

  2. Advisor Code of Conduct

  3. Advisor Code of Conduct

  4. Advisor Eligibility for Live Features

  5. Answering Live Calls on iOS devices (after 14.0.1)

  6. Answering Live Calls on iOS devices (before 14.0.1)

  7. Aren't all readings supposed to be 3 minutes long?

  8. Can Advisors See my Orders with other Advisors?

  9. Can advisors see my profile or personal information?

  10. Can I add a comment or message to my order after it's been submitted?

  11. Can I advertise with Purple Ocean? How do I move my profile up on the home page?

  12. Can I be featured as a staff pick?

  13. Can I block a client from ordering with me again?

  14. Can I Change My Profile Video? How?

  15. Can I connect my Bitwine account to my Purple Ocean account?

  16. Can I download my video readings?

  17. Can I get a "rush" reading?

  18. Can I get a rush reading?

  19. Can I offer a client a refund?

  20. Can I offer other services on live calls?

  21. Can I remove advisors from my favorite advisors list? How?

  22. Can I sell other services on Purple Ocean?

  23. Can I transfer my credits to Purple Garden?

  24. Can you lift my suspension? I don't think I should be suspended.

  25. Can you remove a negative review?

  26. Do I have to deliver a video to my clients? Can’t I just message them their reading in the Comments section?

  27. Does Purple Ocean let me have live video chats with Psychic Advisors?

  28. FAQ for Barges-Ingenio Merger

  29. How and when do I get paid?

  30. How can I apply to be an advisor on Purple Ocean?

  31. How can I be chosen as a Staff Pick?

  32. How can I be featured on the front page of Purple Ocean and increase my business?

  33. How can I be rated as Most Accurate?

  34. How can I change my Paypal account?

  35. How can I find ratings and reviews on your app or advisors?

  36. How can I get my "delivery time" to go up to better average time?

  37. How can I increase my revenues on Purple Ocean? No one is ordering with me.

  38. How do I apply for a Bitwine Account?

  39. How do I become an advisor on Purple Ocean?

  40. How do I change my live video and chat rates?

  41. How do I change my password?

  42. How Do I Change My Rates For Live Video Calls

  43. How do I change my username?

  44. How do I connect my Bitwine account to my Purple Ocean account?

  45. How Do I Delete an Order Draft?

  46. How do I delete my Purple Ocean account?

  47. How do I delete past orders?

  48. How do I deliver a client order?

  49. How do I do Rush orders?

  50. How do I handle questions about the Corona Virus?

  51. How do I initiate a withdrawal of funds?

  52. How do I join Purple Garden? I'm an advisor on Purple Ocean.

  53. How do I know if these are real psychics?

  54. How do I know when an advisor is online?

  55. How do I place an order with a psychic advisor?

  56. How do I reapply as an advisor?

  57. How do I Redeem my Promo Code?

  58. How do I send a video with my order?

  59. How do I view my past readings?

  60. How does Purple Ocean work?

  61. How long am I suspended?

  62. How long do I have to deliver each job?

  63. How long do I have to wait for an answer to my question?

  64. How many open orders can I have on Purple Ocean at the same time?

  65. How much does a reading cost?

  66. How will I know when a client places an order with me?

  67. How will I know when my favorite advisors are available?

  68. I applied to be an advisor. When will I hear something?

  69. I did not request a withdrawal. Why are my funds withdrawn?

  70. I don’t have time at the moment to accept new orders. What can I do?

  71. I forgot my user ID. What is my user ID?

  72. I have a new payment method. How do I update it?

  73. I have a new rush order that wasn't there before. Can clients upgrade their 24 hour orders to rush orders?

  74. I made a withdrawal but it isn't in my PayPal yet. Where are my funds?

  75. I missed a half price follow-up. Can I get discounted reading? Can I get a refund?

  76. I paid for credits, but I didn't get those credits in my account. What now?

  77. I received a credit for my birthday but now it's gone. Where did it go?

  78. I referred a friend, but did not receive a credit for a reading.

  79. I want a reading right away. Are there any psychics available to respond right now?

  80. I would like to cancel my order. Can I?

  81. I would like to do a Live Video Call with an advisor. How do I order a Live Video Call?

  82. I'd like to reapply as an advisor but it's saying that my Social Security Number has been used.

  83. I'm trying to buy credits and receiving an error message.

  84. I've asked my advisor questions in the comment section of the order. Will those questions be answered?

  85. I've forgotten my password.

  86. I’m camera shy. Can I just send the advisor my question by text?

  87. I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the app. Who can help me with this?

  88. I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the app. Who can help me with this?

  89. I’m under the age of 18. Can I use the Purple Ocean app?

  90. If I choose the follow-up question offer, do I have to ask a question that is related to my first question?

  91. If I uninstall the app, will I lose my video readings?

  92. If my client gives me a bonus, how are those revenues split?

  93. Increased Rush Delivery Pricing Trial

  94. Isn't that expensive? Three minutes is a really short reading.

  95. My advisor hasn't responded yet. Why?

  96. My Advisor left Rush Delivery while I was placing my order. Can I get a refund?

  97. My advisor profile was terminated. Can I come back?

  98. My advisor was "online" when I placed my order, but is now "offline." Will I still get my order?

  99. My application for an advisor account was rejected. Why? What can I do?

  100. My application was approved. What's next?

  101. My clients didn’t leave me a name or date of birth to help me connect. What do I do?

  102. My Favorite Advisor hasn't been online. When will he or she be back?

  103. Purple Garden: Advisor FAQ

  104. Signing up

  105. Tides follow-up orders FAQ

  106. Video requirements for advisors

  107. What are Live Video Calls? How does it work?

  108. What are live video, chat, and voice? How can I enable this feature?

  109. What are Tryouts?

  110. What do I do if I didn't like my reading? Can I get a refund?

  111. What do I do if my client didn't give me their name and date of birth like I asked?

  112. What do I get for my $10? How long are readings?

  113. What do I get for my money? What do I get for $10?

  114. What does "pending" mean? I paid for a reading but says pending. Where is the reading?

  115. What happens if I don’t deliver an order on time?

  116. What happens if I get a phone call or text message while I am delivering a live reading?

  117. What happens if the advisor doesn't reply on time?

  118. What if I want a specific kind of reading, such as a Tarot Reading, Palm Reading, Astrological Reading or Dream Analysis?

  119. What is a "bonus"? Can I leave a bonus for my advisor?

  120. What is a "nudge?"

  121. What is a "trending" advisor? How can I be one?

  122. What is a PayPal fee? Will PayPal take a percentage of my pay?

  123. What is Purple Ocean?

  124. What is Purple Tides?

  125. What is Rush Mode?

  126. What is The Purple Ocean Pay Scale? What Will I Get Paid?

  127. What kinds of readings can I get on Purple Ocean? How much do they cost?

  128. What should I do if a client threatens or mentions suicide or self-harm?

  129. When I search for a certain advisor, he or she doesn't show up in the app.

  130. When I select Rush Mode, it keeps shutting off by itself? Why does it do that?

  131. When will I get my order?

  132. When will my advisor application be reviewed?

  133. When will my order be delivered?

  134. Where can I find the link to my advisor profile?

  135. Where did my "top accuracy" banner go?

  136. Where is my favorite advisor? Why isn't my advisor appearing in the app?

  137. Who can become an advisor on Purple Ocean?

  138. Why am I getting a message about this purchase being "high risk" when I try to buy a reading?

  139. Why am I still suspended? When will I be unsuspended?

  140. Why can't I change a review or rating after 2 weeks?

  141. Why did my rush and/or live mode expire?

  142. Why does it say that I'm ineligible to use my promo code?

  143. Why Haven't I Received a Reply to my Emails to Support?

  144. Why is an Advisor not showing up on my favorites list when they were there before?

  145. Why won't my video send? It's saying I don't have enough storage space.

  146. Will Purple Ocean send me a copy of my earnings, a 1099, or a W-2 for tax purposes?

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