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What is The Purple Ocean Pay Scale? What Will I Get Paid?

The current pay scale for Purple Ocean readings is 36% of the cost of the order.

We take order fulfillment very seriously. If a job is ordered, but not delivered, that credit is returned to the client, and no money is made at all. All orders have a time limit based on the order type and must be delivered on time. If you miss that deadline, the client will then have the option to cancel the order. If they choose to cancel it, your advisor account will then be suspended for one week, during which you will be unable to receive new jobs.

If you miss a Rush Delivery deadline, which is one hour after the order is placed, you will be suspended from using the Rush Delivery Mode for 7 days, and your client can cancel the order. If the order is cancelled by the client, your account will be suspended for 7 days and you will be unable to receive new jobs.

All credit purchased inside the Purple Ocean app is paid for by the client directly to the App Store or Google Play–not to Purple Ocean. Apple and Google charge a 30-40% commission of all in-app purchases (it's actually a bit higher after currency conversions and fees). The default share for Advisors is 36%.

Payments are released as follows:

  • Funds clear approximately 3 days from the time that the reading is delivered to your client.
  • There is a minimum withdrawal sum of $35.00. You can tap on the “Withdraw” button in the revenues screen when sufficient funds are available for withdrawal.
  • You may make a withdrawal request any time you have sufficient cleared funds in your account.
  • If you should accumulate $600 or more in your available funds, our system will initiate an automatic withdrawal.
  • Payments from Purple Ocean should land in your connected Paypal account within 3 business days.

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