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Can you lift my suspension? I don't think I should be suspended.

When something such as a personal problem, broken or lost device, or internet service goes down, etc., it is essential that you contact us right away, so that Support can intervene BEFORE you miss orders. It's also required that you provide screenshots, documents or photos of any such issues.

We can be contacted from any device or PC at [email protected] or through our website Suspensions happen automatically in our system when an advisor misses a deadline and a client cancels an order. Suspensions last for 7 days from the moment of cancellation.

We can't lift suspensions, which is why it is so important that you let us know of any personal or technical problems before a suspension happens. If you have a technical issue, we do require proof in the form of screen shots. As far as a broken or stolen phone, etc. You need to let me know when something like this happens so Support can make arrangements for your clients and possibly prevent the suspension before it happens.

If you have any screenshots, documentation or images - please do share them now so I can assist. 

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