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If my client gives me a bonus, how are those revenues split?

Any purchase that is made on any app, Purple Ocean or otherwise, is a purchase made from Google Play or Apple iTunes and the pay is given to them...not to Purple Ocean. This goes for credits to buy a reading, credits to buy a bonus...any money spent on Purple Ocean is spent with Google or Apple.

iTunes and Google Play take 35 to 40% of any funds spent for credit on Purple Ocean. The split is exactly the same as for readings in that the advisor always gets 36%. There are costs to taking these payments and having an app in which advisors can grow their business: advertising, marketing, programming, administration etc. not to mention that Purple Ocean pays advisors months (generally 1 1/2 months) before receiving the remainder of the client’s payments from Google or Apple after they take their portion. This is the same, as previously stated, for every app there is, across every platform. 

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