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  1. What is Purple Ocean?

  2. How does Purple Ocean work?

  3. When will my order be delivered?

  4. What kinds of readings can I get on Purple Ocean? How much do they cost?

  5. Can I get a "rush" reading?

  6. I want a reading right away. Are there any psychics available to respond right now?

  7. I forgot my user ID. What is my user ID?

  8. When will I get my order?

  9. How do I become an advisor on Purple Ocean?

  10. Can advisors see my profile or personal information?

  11. I would like to cancel my order. Can I?

  12. Can I remove advisors from my favorite advisors list? How?

  13. What do I do if I didn't like my reading? Can I get a refund?

  14. Does Purple Ocean let me have live video chats with Psychic Advisors?

  15. How long do I have to wait for an answer to my question?

  16. What happens if the advisor doesn't reply on time?

  17. How many open orders can I have on Purple Ocean at the same time?

  18. Isn't that expensive? Three minutes is a really short reading.

  19. I’m camera shy. Can I just send the advisor my question by text?

  20. I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the app. Who can help me with this?

  21. How do I delete past orders?

  22. How do I know when an advisor is online?

  23. What is a "bonus"? Can I leave a bonus for my advisor?

  24. I've asked my advisor questions in the comment section of the order. Will those questions be answered?

  25. What do I get for my money? What do I get for $10?

  26. Why am I getting a message about this purchase being "high risk" when I try to buy a reading?

  27. If I choose the follow-up question offer, do I have to ask a question that is related to my first question?

  28. How do I know if these are real psychics?

  29. Aren't all readings supposed to be 3 minutes long?

  30. Can I download my video readings?

  31. Why can't I change a review or rating after 2 weeks?

  32. I have a new payment method. How do I update it?

  33. How can I find ratings and reviews on your app or advisors?

  34. What do I get for my $10? How long are readings?

  35. Why is an Advisor not showing up on my favorites list when they were there before?

  36. What does "pending" mean? I paid for a reading but says pending. Where is the reading?

  37. Can Advisors See my Orders with other Advisors?

  38. If I uninstall the app, will I lose my video readings?

  39. When I search for a certain advisor, he or she doesn't show up in the app.

  40. Where is my favorite advisor? Why isn't my advisor appearing in the app?

  41. My advisor hasn't responded yet. Why?

  42. How will I know when my favorite advisors are available?

  43. I missed a half price follow-up. Can I get discounted reading? Can I get a refund?

  44. My Advisor left Rush Delivery while I was placing my order. Can I get a refund?

  45. Why does it say that I'm ineligible to use my promo code?

  46. I referred a friend, but did not receive a credit for a reading.

  47. How do I Redeem my Promo Code?

  48. What is a "nudge?"

  49. What are Live Video Calls? How does it work?

  50. My advisor was "online" when I placed my order, but is now "offline." Will I still get my order?

  51. When will my advisor application be reviewed?

  52. I'm trying to buy credits and receiving an error message.

  53. Why Haven't I Received a Reply to my Emails to Support?

  54. My Favorite Advisor hasn't been online. When will he or she be back?

  55. I received a credit for my birthday but now it's gone. Where did it go?

  56. Can I transfer my credits to Purple Garden?

  57. How Do I Delete an Order Draft?

  58. I'd like to reapply as an advisor but it's saying that my Social Security Number has been used.

  59. How do I reapply as an advisor?

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