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For advisors

  1. What is The Purple Ocean Pay Scale? What Will I Get Paid?

  2. How do I initiate a withdrawal of funds?

  3. Can I Change My Profile Video? How?

  4. How will I know when a client places an order with me?

  5. How can I apply to be an advisor on Purple Ocean?

  6. How do I deliver a client order?

  7. Who can become an advisor on Purple Ocean?

  8. How long do I have to deliver each job?

  9. What happens if I don’t deliver an order on time?

  10. How can I increase my revenues on Purple Ocean? No one is ordering with me.

  11. I don’t have time at the moment to accept new orders. What can I do?

  12. I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the app. Who can help me with this?

  13. How and when do I get paid?

  14. Advisor Code of Conduct

  15. Do I have to deliver a video to my clients? Can’t I just message them their reading in the Comments section?

  16. Why won't my video send? It's saying I don't have enough storage space.

  17. Can I connect my Bitwine account to my Purple Ocean account?

  18. How do I apply for a Bitwine Account?

  19. Can I advertise with Purple Ocean? How do I move my profile up on the home page?

  20. What is a PayPal fee? Will PayPal take a percentage of my pay?

  21. Why am I still suspended? When will I be unsuspended?

  22. How long am I suspended?

  23. Can you lift my suspension? I don't think I should be suspended.

  24. What should I do if a client threatens or mentions suicide or self-harm?

  25. What do I do if my client didn't give me their name and date of birth like I asked?

  26. Will Purple Ocean send me a copy of my earnings, a 1099, or a W-2 for tax purposes?

  27. If my client gives me a bonus, how are those revenues split?

  28. My clients didn’t leave me a name or date of birth to help me connect. What do I do?

  29. When I select Rush Mode, it keeps shutting off by itself? Why does it do that?

  30. How can I be featured on the front page of Purple Ocean and increase my business?

  31. How can I be chosen as a Staff Pick?

  32. What is Rush Mode?

  33. How can I get my "delivery time" to go up to better average time?

  34. What is a "trending" advisor? How can I be one?

  35. I did not request a withdrawal. Why are my funds withdrawn?

  36. I applied to be an advisor. When will I hear something?

  37. How do I do Rush orders?

  38. Can you remove a negative review?

  39. Can I offer a client a refund?

  40. How can I change my Paypal account?

  41. Where can I find the link to my advisor profile?

  42. How Do I Change My Rates For Live Video Calls

  43. What are live video, chat, and voice? How can I enable this feature?

  44. What happens if I get a phone call or text message while I am delivering a live reading?

  45. I made a withdrawal but it isn't in my PayPal yet. Where are my funds?

  46. Can I block a client from ordering with me again?

  47. A client won't stop messaging me. What do I do?

  48. Purple Garden: Advisor FAQ

  49. How do I join Purple Garden? I'm an advisor on Purple Ocean.

  50. Video requirements for advisors

  51. Can I be featured as a staff pick?

  52. Can I sell other services on Purple Ocean?

  53. Can I offer other services on live calls?

  54. I have a new rush order that wasn't there before. Can clients upgrade their 24 hour orders to rush orders?

  55. How can I be rated as Most Accurate?

  56. How do I change my live video and chat rates?

  57. Where did my "top accuracy" banner go?

  58. My advisor profile was terminated. Can I come back?

  59. What are Tryouts?

  60. How do I handle questions about the Corona Virus?

  61. Why did my rush and/or live mode expire?

  62. Answering Live Calls on iOS devices (before 14.0.1)

  63. FAQ for Barges-Ingenio Merger

  64. Answering Live Calls on iOS devices (after 14.0.1)

  65. How do I connect my Bitwine account to my Purple Ocean account?

  66. Advisor Eligibility for Live Features

  67. Tides follow-up orders FAQ

  68. What is Purple Tides?

  69. My application was approved. What's next?

  70. Advisor Code of Conduct

  71. $20 Rush Orders, Phase 1 FAQ

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